Design Challenge 2 by Preston Baker


Game pieces

  • deck of 43 cards
  • 20 green shells (enemies), (players —>)1 blue shell, 1 purple shell, 1 red shell, 1 orange shell
  • 31 movement tiles


  • all players start in the center of the blue circle
  • each player can choose to move up to 4 spaces in a turn
  • when a player wants to move past the edge of a tile the they draw a tile from the tile deck and place it in front of their character in a way that the red walls line up.
  • players and enemies must stay within the red walls
  • if a player lands on the same space as an enemy then he/she is allowed to attack that enemy.(See “Attacks” below)
  • when the player makes a successful hit they collect the enemy they have defeated.
  • when all players have completed their turns all enemies move 1 space closer to the nearest player. If an enemy is already on the same space as a player then the enemy will attack that player.
  • If a player is hit 3 times then they must return to the starting tile and return half of their defeated enemies to the enemy stockpile.
  • If all tiles are placed then 2 new are placed on each enemy turn.

When a player or enemy is attacking then he/she draws a card from the top of the deck. If the card is Ace,1,2,3,4,5 then the attack misses. If the card is 6,7,8,9,10 then the attack hits. If the card is a Joker then the player chooses if it hits or misses. (example: a player is being attacked and the enemy draws a joker, the player can choose to for it to be a miss.)

Win conditions
When all enemies are defeated the player with the most enemies collected wins.

The process that I took involved changing the game pieces, the material that the board was made of and creating a new way to determine attacks. The challenge itself seemed difficult for a first game only because what it ask of me felt pretty vague.


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