Game Design Challenge 1 by Jacob Hiniker


Game pieces list: Board, red and yellow cards (8 each), 4 avatars, and 1 die.


  • When rolling die odds means move forward 1 space and evens means move forward 2.
  • When you land on yellow spaces you must pull a yellow card and play it.
  • When you land on red spaces you must pull a red card and play it.
  • First person to reach the purple parking spot wins.
  • You must stay in the row you started at.
  • Everyone rolls the die at the start of the game to see who goes first, highest roll wins.

Creating this game was interesting. The book suggested that I consider finding a way for players to inhibit other players, that’s how I came up with the card system. I came up with the theme because at the beginning of any given semester parking is always impossible to find, so it’s kind of like a race for the first few weeks.

The game system produces an outcome (a winner) by continuous dice rolling to progress forward and card draws that can help or hinder that forward progression.


  • Board game prototype or
  • Card game prototype or
  • Tile based game prototype

I will be bringing in a board game prototype.


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