Chapter 3 Challenge 2 by Jacob Hiniker


List of game pieces:

  • 31 game tiles
  • 1 graph paper
  • 1 die
  • Pencils with erasers for all players


  • Each player roles the die, highest roll goes first
  • For each turn a player will roll the die, odd gives one game tile, even gives 2
  • Players are represented by the leading tile or current position of their path (furthest point of progression on the graph)
  • Each player starts on one side of the paper at least 7 spaces apart
  • An exit will be selected at random at the opposite end of the graph
  • First person to make it through the maze and find that exit wins
  • Each player must play all tiles in his hand on each turn
  • Players can overlap other players paths ultimately changing the board
  • When moving forward with tiles the tile paths must connect
  • If a player pulls the blue circle tile he may move a player back 2 tiles and remove those tiles from play.
  • If player has 2 tiles and is able to connect paths with another players path with 1 tile the second tile can be added after the other players path tile

The premise is pretty simple, first to get out of the maze wins. I added a few unusual mechanics to make the game more challenging and to allow players to affect one another on their journey out of the maze. Coming up with the mechanics was the funnest part of this challenge because mazes themselves are pretty self explanatory. One strange “path” I took when coming up with this game was the idea of using one of my group members tiles from a previous game in a different way for this one.

The game system produces an outcome (a winner) by continuous dice rolling for random tiles that decide the progress forward and random blue circle tile draws that can help or hinder that forward progression.


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