Chapter 4 Challenge 1


Game Pieces list: Game board, 20 action tiles, 4 avatars, 7 enemy cards, 2 dice.


  • All players begin at starting point
  • Each player starts with 25 Hp and 10 Attack
  • Each player must move forward one hexagon per turn
  • At each hexagon an action card must be drawn
  • During battle 2 dice are rolled, red is damage taken, white is damage given
  • Even is a hit and odd is a miss
  • HP is recovered after every battle
  • If HP hits zero during battle you must return to start
  • First person to make it to the finish wins
  • You can only move over hexagons with some land in them 1 at a time, water hexagons take 2 turns to traverse.

Taking a digital game and turning it into a board game is challenging. There is so much to a game like this that it was hard to narrow it down to a few game mechanics to work with. I’ve been playing this game for about a month now (when I can) and it was my first pick of the list of current games in my library. The game above is based on one mission as opposed to the entire game, the entire game as a whole would be like inventing a new “Axes and Allies”!

The game system produces a winner by making it to the goal after gaining ground and confronting enemies successfully. Failure to beat enemies results in starting over again.


  • Polished, production grade board game complete with all components
  • Prototype board game complete with all components
  • Complete set of written rules

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