Design Challenge 2 chapter 4 by Preston Baker




54 cards


pen and paper

green radiation markers

other colored ammo markers

Set Up

  • At the beginning of the game players grab a piece of paper and write down their names on that paper.
  • Under each players name write 200 HP. This number represents your health.
  • Shuffle the deck then each player draws 2 cards.



During a players turn they may perform one of the following moves:

  • Draw a card from the top of the deck
  • Place or switch a weapon (only 1 weapon in front of a player at a time)
  • Fire the weapon(If a weapon is currently in front of them)
  • Reload (only if the player is holding an ammo crate)
  • Heal(only can be done with a stimpack)
  • Cure radiation.

Clothing    Unknown.jpeg 

Different clothing can have various effects.

If a player has a clothing card then they may put on or switch clothes as a free move in addition to the moves listed above.

Attacking Deathclaw_gauntlet_(Fallout_4).pngGamma_gun_(Fallout_4).png Kelloggs_pistol.png

When one player attacks another the attacking player must lower the ammo count for that weapon by 1 and you must also bring down the color you have chosen (ammo marker) and bring it down 1.  The victim must subtract the amount of damage listed on the weapon from their HP. When a weapon has run out of ammo it cannot be used again until it is reloaded

Reloading  220px-AmmoBox.png

Place an ammo crate to reload current weapon to full capacity.

Healing  Unknown-1.jpeg

Stimpacks allow a player to heal by the number on the card.

Radiation Poisoning

Some weapons may cause radiation poisoning. Radiation poisoning causes -2 point of HP each turn. After being hit by the specified weapon flip a coin. heads = poisoned, tails = safe.

Curing Radiation  Unknown-2.jpeg

Use Radaway to cure radiation poisoning (radiation goes away).

Disarming Another Player

Some weapons have a chance of disarming another player. When attacking with the specified weapon flip a coin to see if the victim gets disarmed. heads = success, tails = fail.

End Game

When all other players HP drops to 0 the surviving player wins the game.


This challenge was much easier than the others because it was very specific as to what needed to be done. Creating a game based on an original IP sped up the work time because it cut out the need to start from scratch.


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