Digital to Physical – Fallout 4

game pieces

  • board game.
  • SPECIAL tiles (15 small, one red).
  • ENCOUNTER deck
  • RESOURCES deck
  • SPECIAL deck
  • 6 sided die

We decided in making this game to stick with a game we believed our audience would have some experience playing. Because most of our group had played the fallout series, we decided to use it for our inspiration. We then set out to make the objective of the game: after looking at the map of fallout 4, we decided to have the player conquer as many fortresses as possible. The actual set up of how to win was not difficult, but figuring out an approach was. We decided to base a card-game system where the player would have to battle monsters on their way to the fortress. Originally we wanted to do a health system and have players be able to battle each other, but we couldn’t think of a way to limit or grow the health of a player, or what to do if a player ran out of health – or how health would be impacted in a creature encounter. Because of this we decided to shift the focus to a level-gaining card game, somewhat like Munchkin.

Fallout: The Board Game

How to Play

Starting the Game:

  • Deal out four reward cards to each player.
  • Take out the SPECIAL deck. Deal out one card to each player. This will be your perk for the entire game.
  • Give each player their corresponding SPECIAL tokens and avatar.
  • Roll the die. Player with the highest roll will go first. In the case of a tie, re-roll until one player has the highest roll.
  • Starting with the first player and going clockwise, set each avatar on an individual corner at the edge of the board. This will be that player’s starting position.
  • Players start at level 1.
  • Start a timer. You have 30 minutes.

Miscellaneous Rule Commentary:

  • Consumables may be used on both monsters, yourself, and other players.
  • You may assist other players in battling monsters or battling other players, as long as it is not the final battle.

Player’s Turn:

  1. Roll the die. The player moves that many spaces in any direction. The die rolls are as follows: (1,4 = 1 space. 2,5 = 2 spaces. 3,6 = 3 spaces).
  2. If the player lands:
    1. On a blank space: draw a card from the encounter deck and play it immediately.
      1. If a curse, follow the card’s specifications and discard after.
      2. If a creature, see: Battling creatures.
    2. One a fortress space:
      1. If the space is empty, draw an encounter card. See (2a).
      2. If the space is occupied, see: Battling another player.
  • If you defeat the player or encounter, you may place one of your SPECIAL tokens on that space.
  1. Discard cards until you have less than 4 cards in your hand.
  2. Next player.

Battling a Creature:

  1. Creatures have a set level.
  2. In order to defeat a creature, your bonuses + your level must be equal to or higher than the creature’s level.
  3. If you beat the creature:
    1. Gain a level.
    2. Draw a reward card. If the monster is level 10+, draw a second reward card. If the monster is level 20, draw a third.
  4. If you cannot beat the creature:
    1. Attempt to run away. Roll the die. A roll greater than 4 will result in the player succeeding to run away.
    2. If you fail, lose a level. If you are level one, get sent back to your original starting hexagon.
  5. Place the creature card in the discard pile. If the creatures run out, reshuffle the deck and start again.

Battling another Player:

  1. In order to defeat another player, your bonuses + your level must be equal to or higher than the other player’s level.
  2. If you beat the player:
    1. Gain a level.
    2. Take over the fortress.
    3. Take a card from the player’s hand. If the player has an empty hand, draw a card from the reward deck.
    4. The player that loses will be sent back to their original starting hexagon.

How to Win:

The game is over when the timer runs out. After the timer is over, the player with the most fortresses wins. If there is a tie, the players must battle. No outside player assistance can be used.



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