Twitch Game

Game Pieces:

4 – 6 sided die

4 – 12 sided die



  • Each player starts with one 6 sided, and one 12 sided
  • Each player can choose how many dice they want to roll (the 6 sided die must always be rolled)
  • Players all roll their dice at once
  • If any of the numbers rolled are matching, the player can grab and “steal” the die
  • If a 1 is rolled, any player may “steal” that die – including players who have no dice left

Winning Condition:

  • First player with all the dice wins


Overall the challenge was pretty straightforward, theres only so much you can do with dice. The stealing added a little intensity and more competition which can make any game more fun. This game design was more simple than the previous ones because there was less crafting as the only game pieces were dice.

The twitch mechanic in our game is you have to react the number rolled first off then grab the dice if they are matching.



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