Storytelling – Running with Scissors

For our storytelling game, the protagonist of our story wakes up in an unfamiliar room with cement halls and little memory of where he is or what he is doing. The only clues to his surroundings include a pair of shears on the ground and a faint memory of someone being lost in this dungeon with him. The user gets to guide the player out of the dungeon – possibly making it out safely, finding the person he is lost in this maze of hallways with, meeting his end through variable ways, or even possibly uncovering a dark secret as to what made him come to this dark dungeon in the first place.

For this game we wanted the player to have a horror-esque feel. We accompanied our twine game with simple graphics – a black background with white text, and lots of accompanying descriptive language of the surroundings. However, we also wanted to have plenty of comedic relief. Because of this we included some storylines where the narration may poke fun at the user’s decisions throughout the game.

treeAbove you can see our story mapping for the game, which includes around 8-9 different endings, some of which come to similar fates. The URL to this game is: here.

In this challenge the main problem we had was coming up with a storyline. Originally we had planned on making a war-based game – a game where the player gets to choose between two different worlds – one of wisdom, and one of war. When trying to put together a storymap for this narration, we decided that it was too complicated and would require far too many variable types. The plot was not built for a text-based game. Coming up with a new plot was the main struggle we faced. The only other main problem we had was linking the story lines. We knew the setting and the first options the player could choose, and we knew what types of endings we wanted. Connecting those storylines and making lengthy branches proved to be a challenge, as many times we found ourselves having little options. Turn right, turn left, wait, etc.


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